Established June 2017

Family owned/operated

June 2017 ~~~ Being apart of Saluda for 20+ years has allowed us to watch Saluda grow.  We have raised our family here and feel very much apart of our community.  Jason has been a Saluda resident for nearly 19 years and Melisa for 27 years, we felt our communitys need for a fun, upbeat place to grab a bite to eat,  and easy takeout  right.  We are right beside  the railroad tracks here in Saluda.  

Jason former LEO and Melisa raising the 4 kids decided it was time to expand our service foot print and serve not only Saludians, but visitors to the area alike.  Our daughter Alicia (now a Deputy) comes in from time to time and our teenage sons Hunter and Michael come in and help out as well.   Our other employees are like family and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.   We enjoy our visitors and are always asking how things are and are open to suggestions as to how to make things better.  

January 2020 We have outgrown our location, so to better serve our community we are moving to a larger location, not to worry it is only 1.5 miles from our original location and many say even easier to get to with more seating and dinging options.  We are hoping to get back open by March however keep in mind we are having to build this location into a restaurant where it used to be a number of things.  We feel this will be the best location to continue to serve our community and visitors for many years with our sons being able to take over as we retire.  


Did I mention we love interacting and having fun with our patrons.  Jenga, checkers, chess, uno cards, to name a few games we currently have and in the spring we will add more.   

Brick floor Ovens

Our pizza is more of an Artisan style pizza.  What is artisan style?  Not paper thin and not thick, hand panned to order, never premade.  Always made fresh when ordered.  

Juggling the pies in the ovens takes a level of understanding of  the sometimes temperamental dough, the humidity, and brick temps to achieve the best crust, which can come with a bit of darkness to the edges.  

Always flavorful, even the next day as left overs.  

Pizza & Wings unhealthy ? Check ours out!

Some say pizza and wings are not a healthy choice.   

However our pizza is made with fresh quality ingredients, we never skimp on toppings and our cheese is 100% whole milk mozzarella so it has super stretch too! 

Our wings are not battered (making them naturally gluten free) our fryer is filtered daily and we use a NON-GMO Sunflower oil to cook with.  Which insures no flavor bleed through from other foods and a much healthier alternative to many other oils many other places use, the cost is worth putting out crisp, flavorful food without the unhealthy oils and bi-products in dirty oil.   

Contact Us

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Better yet, see us in person!

Always willing to listen to honest feedback.  After all we are here to serve our community.  If something is not up to your expectations or what you thought it should be please let us know.  

We can't try to fix it or make it right if you do not let us know.  

Saluda Whistle Stop Pizza & Wings

1487 Ozone Drive, Saluda, North Carolina 28773, United States

(828) 388-2653 (COKE)

Early Spring hours

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04:00 pm – 08:00 pm